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GinEx®, the Most Potent & Purest American Ginseng Extract

Made of 100% premium Ontario produced American ginseng using our proprietary technology.

We are offering the best American ginseng extract. “Money-Back Guarantee” if you can find any American ginseng supplement better than GinEx® in the market!


The Most Potent

Purist Formulation

Top quality American ginseng supplement must contain high medicinal ingredients, has high absorption rate and optimized dosage. These are the determining factors for the EFFICACY of any American ginseng supplement.

Key Benefits of GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

The unique “cooling” or “calming down” effects through nutrienting and regulating nerve systems differentiate GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts from all the other ginseng products. 


Physical, Mental and Sexual Fatigue




Backed up by Hundreds of Years Usage and Current Clinical Studies

Referred as the “King of Herbs,” American ginseng is known as the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herb and its “cooling” effects has been used to improve mental focus, smooth mood, fight for stress and fatigue, enhance quality of sleep and even boost libido. Certain benefits are further supported by clinical studies, such as the one led by Researcher Debra Barton of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre.

Dr. Debra Barton

R.N., F.A.A.N., Professor,
University of Michigan

How is GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts Made?

Gpharma’s proprietary purification process helps to unlock the natural health benefits of American ginseng through enriching Ginsenosides and NAG Polysaccharides in high concentrations with no added chemicals, preservatives, or fillers.

Only Ontario ginseng are used

100% DDT free ginseng roots

No preservatives are added

High Medicinal ingredients

Testing of Third party laboratory

Health Canada NPN licensed & Produced at GMP facility

“Wow …. where do I start? This ginseng is the real deal! I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue for a very long time and this stuff has change my life! I took 12 to 15 drops every day and it seems the perfect dosage for me! This very high-quality American ginseng may take 2 weeks to fully kick in but once its does you’ll enjoy a very natural energy level without any jitters at all”
“At First, I was skeptical. I work remotely and on call so new work tasks keep popping up at the worst times when I tired and exhausted. But after a couple drops of GinEx, I’m energized and alert. Stimulant state is very smooth no jitters like from caffeine and I can continue working through whatever needs to get done. Even though the taste is “acquired”, its grown on me quite well:) Absolutely love it; will definitely buy again and again”
“I won’t ever stop buying this product, it’s literally changed my life. Stopped using it for 7 days and immediately noticed a difference in my energy, mood, balance, sexual drive, and overall focus…”Even though the taste is “acquired”, its grown on me quite well:) Absolutely love it; will definitely buy again and again”
“After almost 2 weeks of consistent usage at 3 services per day, the quality of my sleep has dramatically improved. Usually, I wake up exhausted every morning …Now everything has all changed. When I wake up in the morning, my head is clear, the tired feeling I used to have is a faint memory. If I get 5-6 hours of sleep, I feel refreshed and ready to start my day without any excuse to stay in bed for a little longer. Over the years, I tried every possible supplement there is to improve my sleep quality, but I was never able to find something of this caliber”
“Ginseng product helps maintain my whole day’s energy. But eating ginseng root or pill directly is not efficient for the human body to absorb ginsenosides. This product solved this problem. I took one drop per day and mixed it with Emergen-C, which helps me to minimize the Ginseng bitter flavor. I can feel the difference after 4 days of using it”

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The Quality of Ontario Produced American Ginseng — Special Climate and Soils

Ontario-produced American ginseng is considered the most potent and unique of all ginseng varieties by the ginseng industry. The high quality is contributed to the clean water, minimal pollution, nutrients rich golden sandy soils and special climate conditions in Southern Ontario.

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