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Product FAQ

GinEx, the purist and most potent American Ginseng Extract Concentrate in the market, is made of premium source of 100% Ontario American ginseng. Providing the purist formula, high concentration of medicinal ingredients, high absorption rate and optimized dosage, GinEx is allowing you to reduce mental, physical and sexual fatigue, have a sharper & calmer mind, balance your mood and boost your immunity, and feel a greater sense of calm and well-being.

GinEx100g and GinEx240g are the pure form of our American Ginseng Extract Concentrate and do not contain any other ingredients or chemicals.

GinEx 30ml dropper is pure American Ginseng Extract Concentrate that mixed with 100% pure maple syrup as sweetener and diluent agent, the later helps to decrease the viscosity of the pure concentrate.

  1. Only Ontario produced American ginseng are used to produce GinEx.
  2. Health Canada issued NPN number for each GinEx products.
  3. Packaged and filled in GMP licensed pharmaceutical company
  4. Pure concentrate (GinEx 100g/240g) has minimum 5% ginsenosides concentration.
  5. GinEx 30ml has 2.5-4% ginsenosides concentration.
  1. For people who feel fatigue, confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of mental clarity that can be caused by overworking, lack of sleep, stress, chronic illness, ageing and spending too much time on the computer.
  2. For people who regularly experience anxiety, depression, irritability, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite and want to increase the quality of sleep.
  3. For patients with chronic diseases, recovering from operations, and Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy to improve their energy level, mood, sleeping quality and general well-being.
  4. For type 2 diabetic patients as adjuvant therapy and pre-diagnosis Type2 diabetic people to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  5. For people who need boost their immunity to fight against Cold and Flu, especially for those who are prone to cold and flu.

GinEx, deep processed American ginseng roots products, is in molasses form with 67-69 brix and contains no chemicals, preservatives, fillers or DDT. It has following major differences in contrasting to its original form of American ginseng roots.

  1. Medicinal Ingredient: GinEx has 2.5-8% range of Ginsenosides content. Regular ginseng products vary on its Ginsenosides content and average Ginsenosides content is less than 1%
  2. Absorption rate: GinEx has 95% absorption rate in human body. Regular ginseng products have less than 20% absorption rate in healthy population.
  3. Optimized dosage: GinEx has an optimized dosage to ensure it efficacy while regular ginseng products has none.
  4. Effecting Time: GinEx has immediate effect on human body. Regular ginseng products will need 8-12 weeks.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chinese/Korean ginseng has “Hot” property that good at increase energy but may cause High blood pressure. American ginseng has the “calming down” effects that increase energy level, provide mentally “calming” effects and lower blood pressure, especially for type-2 diabetics.

At chemical level, ginsenosides Rb1/Rg1 ratio is used to distinguish Chinese/Korean ginseng from American ginseng. Chinese/Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) has a Rb1/Rg1 ratio less than 7 while American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) has a Rb1/Rg1 ratio higher than 15. A very unique feature of GinEx is its Rb1/Rg1 ratio reaches 35, in which strengths the special property of “Calming Down Effects” from American ginseng.

GinEx® is highly concentrated with 67-70° brix therefore contains no active water molecules. Without active water molecules, mold and other microorganisms can not grow. Therefore, the best way of keeping GinEx from deteriorating is to keep it in a dry and cool place. At the same time, using of clean and dry spoon are recommended.

First, GinEx production must start with fresh ginseng processing; Second, Ontario ginseng has the best quality, containing the highest effective medicinal ingredients; Third, the usage of materials from same origin is the best way to ensure long-term GinEx quality and consistency.

The ginseng production areas in Ontario are very suitable for ginseng grow where they are located at about 43.6° degrees north latitude with huge temperature differences between winter and summer. These areas also contain the golden sandy soil, which provides rich nutrients, good water permeability, and is native to and best suitable for American ginseng. In addition, the local government strictly regulates agricultural chemistry usage. As the results, the American ginseng roots produced here are of superior quality, sweet taste and rich in medicinal active ingredients, which are 4-6 times higher of ginsenosides and furan polysaccharides than those from any other non-native regions.