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GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate

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What is GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate?

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate, including GinEx® 100g and GinEx® 240g, are highly concentrated forms of American ginseng extract, or red ginseng extract, which is made of only 100% premium Ontario produced American ginseng in Canada.

What Makes GinEx® the Best American Ginseng Supplement?

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate is the most concentrated forms of ginseng extract and its potency and purity are further enhanced with our proprietary purification and concentration process to warrant its maximum efficacy.

GinEx® 100g and GinEx® 240g contain very high levels of American ginseng ginsenosides (5-8%) and NAG polysaccharides (up to 70%). In addition to its high absorption rate (95% or higher), it provides the bioavailability of medicinal ingredients even higher than that of wild American ginseng roots.

Safely for your long-term consumption, GinEx® 100g and GinEx® 240g are free from chemicals, preservatives, fillers or DDT. Lastly, both of them are approved by Health Canada and manufactured in GMP licensed company in Toronto Canada.

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