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GinEx® American Ginseng Extract

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What is GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts, also called red ginseng extract, are extracted and concentrated forms of American ginseng roots using our proprietary technology.

It includes two groups of products: GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper (GinEx® 30ml Dropper) and GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate (GinEx® 100g, GinEx® 240g).

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate is the purest forms and contains more than doubled ginsenosides concentration than that of GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper.

Benefits of GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts, with similar functions as of wild American ginseng roots, have very unique “calming down” effects that reduce stress, balance mood, increase libido, and improve mental focus.

Those unique benefits are mainly contributed to its high bioavailability and concentrations of medicinal ingredients, especially high level of Rb1 ginsenoside, which is very high in wild American ginseng roots as well.

At Gpharma Canada, we only provide the best quality American ginseng supplement in the market.

Standards of GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts contains the highest level of medicinal ingredients and has 95% high absorption rate, it is very effective so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of American ginseng supplement.

Furthermore, GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts is also purely formulated in which contains no chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers and no DDT, and is prepared for long-term consumptions.
Gpharma Canada only uses 100% premium American ginseng roots sourced from Ontario ginseng farms. All products are GMP certified and approved by Health Canada.

If you have any questions regarding ginseng extract dosage, ginseng extract prices and American ginseng benefits, please contact us for details.

Buy GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

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