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GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper

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GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper (GinEx 30ml Dropper) is a very potent form of American ginseng extract, also called red ginseng extract, which is made of 100% premium Ontario produced American ginseng in Canada.

What is GinEx® 30ml Dropper good for?

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper (GinEx® 30ml Dropper) is optimized for the best efficacy. The adaptogenic property of American ginseng benefits are featured with calming down effects that helps with mental focus and fatigue, smooths your mood, provides with a restful sleep and boosts your libido.
GinEx® 30ml Dropper has a high absorption rate therefore provides high bioavailability of ginsenosides, the bioavailability is equal to that from wild American ginseng root.

Buy this affordable ginseng extract. The bottle comes with a convenient 30 ml dropper, which you can use anywhere you go.

GinEx® 30ml Dropper is the best quality American ginseng extract

GinEx® 30ml Dropper, also called red ginseng extract, has very high medicinal ingredients, high absorption rate and an optimized dosage, which make the GinEx® 30ml Dropper work effectively.

Furthermore, it does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives, and totally DDT free. Additionally, GinEx® 30ml Dropper has been approved by Health Canada and manufactured in GMP licensed company in Toronto Canada to ensure its best quality.


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