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GinEx® Ginseng Extract Concentrate

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G-Pharma Canada American Ginseng Slices

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Top Quality American Ginseng Supplements from G-Pharma Canada

Gpharma Canada brings you high-quality and potent American ginseng supplements in multiple variants to meet your every demand.
Either you are looking for red ginseng slices for smooth your dry throat or make a delicious ginseng chicken soup, or you are looking for something more effective like ginseng extract, to provide you with a calming mind and focus, balanced mood, restful sleep or enhanced libido. Gpharma Canada have them here to deliver to your doorstep.

GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts

GinEx® American Ginseng Extracts, also called red ginseng extract, including the following two kinds of products:  GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper and GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate.

GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Dropper is represented by GinEx® 30ml Dropper while GinEx® American Ginseng Extract Concentrate has two variants: GinEx® 100g and GinEx® 240g.

GinEx® 30ml Dropper contains close to 45% of pure maple syrup while GinEx® 100g and GinEx® 240g are further concentrated and are the purest form of ginseng extract.

G-Pharma Canada® American Ginseng Slices

Gpharma has the following forms of American ginseng red ginseng slices included: American Red Ginseng thick slices (180g), American Red Ginseng thin slices (75g).

Using 4–5-year-old fresh American ginseng roots from local ginseng farmer of Ontario Ginseng Grower Association (OGGA), American ginseng red ginseng slices are produced by dedicated repeating steaming and drying processes which will turn the ginseng roots into dark red colour and sliced into thin and thick slices.

Thick red ginseng slices are good for making soups while thin red ginseng slices are good for making tea or used as lozenge. American Ginseng thin slices (70g) has similar applications as for red ginseng thin slices.

Check out our American ginseng, red ginseng supplement and place your order online today!