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Sleep Debt? GinEx can give you a Natural and Restful Sleep

GinEx’s Positive Effect on Sleep Quality as Monitored by Sleepzy

G-Pharma specializes in producing GinEx, a high-quality form of Ontario grown American Ginseng roots.

If you have sleep debt, GinEx is a great way to help counteract the problem. We are confident that our all-natural ginseng product can greatly help in achieving a natural and restful sleep. To prove this, we conducted research that analyzes GinEx’s impact on sleep quality using the Sleepzy app.

Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker used to track and analyze the quality of your sleep. Through this app you can learn more about your sleeping habits and even determine if you suffer from a lack of sleep or have sleep debt. The graph below uses Sleepzy data to show just how effective GinEx can be in improving sleep quality.

As you can see, GinEx can help to improve sleep quality by 28-30%! This is because we use several special procedures when processing our American Ginseng Roots. Ultimately, these processes ensure every bottle of GinEx contains many unique ginsenosides which provide neuroprotective and neurotrophic functions that affect the central nervous system to help:

● Increase calmness

● Improve Concentration and Memory

● Achieve a Restful Sleep

One of our recent customers, Stephan Q (Female), came to us expressing several symptoms of depression, anxiety, and irritability, along with poor sleep quality, abdominal distension, and weakened bowel movements. However, after taking GinEx she began to see noticeable differences within a week! Q’s anxiety has been significantly reduced, instead she feels happier and relaxed. At the same time, her bowel movements and sleep quality have also greatly improved.

If you’re experiencing sleep debt like Stephan Q once did, try out GinEx today. And remember to monitor your sleep quality using Sleepzy to see the difference it can truly make!